Planetary constellations in March

In my February article I pointed out the tensions and the lack of diplomatic energy in the sky and still had the hope that the conflict would not lead to warlike actions on the scale currently being observed. I wrote in February that the “background music” based on the slow planets would rather not indicate this. I still stand behind this statement today, 1 March, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already reached day 6. In other words, I hope that the conflict does not spread any further, although of course I do not want to play down the dramatic conditions that have already been reached. But making these statements is really very difficult on the basis of astrology, especially when the horoscope of the central people and countries are not available.

I will now first quote again my statements of January from the annual forecast:

“The communicative and diplomatic problems, blockages and obstacles already mentioned (in Feburary) will still be felt in March, especially in the first half, as Venus and Mars will still be at war. Approaching issues with consideration and goodwill, relaxed and open, will be very difficult. Hardened fronts may harden all the more. Saturn still has almost everyone “in its grip” until mid-March. From 27 Feb until around 3 March, all Grahas except Ra/Ke are in Capricorn and Aquarius. (Also activation of the May 22 eclipse point!).

Until 14 March this situation will remain. Only then will the Sun go into sidereal Pisces and allow more Jupiter energy to flow to our planet Earth. Although we have all been waiting for Jupiter to leave the sign of its fall and bring more foresight, optimism and tolerance back into our lives, we must acknowledge that Saturn still has the upper hand.

However, the forces are turning more and more from the conservative, controlling to the new and more rebellious behaviour. It is hard to believe that people will move towards each other in these days and weeks. Attention, much manipulative and destructive energy present!”

At these words I had the calendar in front of me where I had marked that Mercury, the planet of communication would conjunct Saturn on March 2 and then Mars would conjunct Pluto on the new moon day at the beginning of Capricorn on March 2-3. This Mars-Pluto conjunction seems to be one of the most problematic constellations of the year and it holds a lot of explosive energy. This energy is further triggered by the fact that transit Ketu is already moving over the ecliptic point in May. All this together makes a scenario seem possible, as it is happening right now in Eastern Europe,

Unfortunately, as far as I know, astrology cannot really make more accurate mundane forecasts because, among other things, it is difficult for us to determine where certain energies are unfolding and manifesting. Since we have now reached the zenith of the problematic constellations, we can only hope that there will soon be a limitation and no further escalation. Perhaps a final word: Saturn, the planet that rules the two signs Capricorn and Aquarius and thus has a lot to say at the end of February and beginning of March, is also a signifier for consequences and also for a kind of justice. This means that he would not arbitrarily release any energy, but that one can assume that the present situation is the consequence of many failures of the past and is created by them. As more and more planetary factors move out of Capricorn into rebellious, renewing Aquarius in the coming weeks, this situation should also offer the chance to finally live more equality in the world. Standing together, seeing ourselves as one humanity, as brothers and sisters regardless of nationality, would be a wonderful vision to be born out of this crisis in the long run.

Until then, our hearts are entirely with the Ukrainian people, whose bravery will surely go down in history. May all the good forces of the universe help to end unnecessary bloodshed and bring about reconciliation.