20 years Astrovedic

In the beginning of the 2000s our first website went online at a time when the German homepages in the Jyotish area could still be counted on one hand. In 2007 we started to teach online and in this context we founded the Astrovedic Academy, in addition to our existing consulting practice. In the first years we taught in Austria and Switzerland, where we are still active in cooperation with the Yoga and Astrology Centre in Rüti.

When these lines are written and this new website goes online we are in February 2019 and we are very happy to be able to look back on the meanwhile organically grown structure of our astrological work.

Vedic Astrology – Education and Training with Tradition

If you are interested in an education or training in the field of Vedic Astrology, then you have a good chance to find something suitable. Here is a brief overview over our english seminars and trainings:

  • Live online instruction
  • Video training with individual supervision and lots of flexibility
  • Seminars with internationally renowned speakers
  • Study trips to India (approx. every 2 years)
  • Media library – instruction videos for download

We will be happy to advise you personally and to find out the best form of learning for you. Or you can just order a test vidoe and try it out. Or you can switch between the individual learning forms.

Almost anything is possible!