Planets in April

April22 – Grafik Monthly overview

In January I made the following notes on the month of April and in this article I would like to try to relate the events that have occurred in the meantime to the planetary factors.

“The month of April is astrologically certainly the most unsettled and changeable month of the year. It begins with Mars very close to Saturn, a clash of forces that was also present at the beginning of April 2020 and certainly helped determine the escalation of the pandemic and related measures at that time.

A few days later Mars will be in exact square with the Moon’s Nodal axis, again a huge area of tension. Basically, the 4 most difficult offenders are in contact with each other. Then, with several sign changes and an eclipse coming up in the next few weeks, we have to expect a really turbulent April.

At the beginning of the month we also have the Ju/Ne conjunction, which can actually be seen as a very benevolent spiritual encounter. Will it still have such a positive effect in all the turbulent other energies? We should practice meditation and contemplation and use it for ourselves. Collectively, it could also create new confusion.”

To this remarks I would like to add that the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn has a very special signature. Saturn, the stubborn planet focused on permanence and control, fights back against the fiery, all-propelling Mars. This results in an enormous clash of energy, which not infrequently expresses itself in the form of accidents in individual horoscopes. In this particular spring, when a war is shaking Europe, one could conclude that the dimension of violence and suffering that the people in Ukraine have to go through is not likely to calm down, but even increase. This is supported by the fact that the Moon of Ukraine (24.8.1991) is at the end of the sign of Capricorn, i.e. where the Mars-Saturn conjunction will manifest in the first week of April. If one were to interpret the horoscope of an individual, one would speak of the Saade Sati, a phase in a person’s life in which responsibility for one’s own actions is demanded. A phase that is never easy, but which in retrospect will prove to be one of the most important turning points in life. As Ukraine has a very strong horoscope and also a high demand for power (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun in Leo in Magha-Nakshatra) this nation will certainly not give up and in my opinion has a very good chance of maintaining its own sovereignty. However, this then also means that the warlike conflict may drag on for quite a while.

After the month of April, the rest of the year will clearly be less spectacular from an astrological point of view, which unfortunately does not automatically mean that peace and quiet will quickly return. On the contrary: many of us will certainly feel that many adjustments will be necessary after the turbulence of the last few years (more precisely since the eclipse of December 2019). I don’t want to speak of a turn of the times at this point, because in my perception everything is always in flux. But on the other hand, it is also all too human to take certain comforts for granted very quickly and to forget that precisely on this level of existence nothing lasts and that all well-being on our continent unfortunately all too often results in suffering on other parts of the world. So we would be better advised to live in a consciousness that reminds us again and again that the zeitgeist, the quality of time, never stays on one frequency for long.

Let us return to the astrological factors: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on 9 April and the sign change of Jupiter into its own sign Pisces allow for much hope. Spiritually oriented people should especially use the next few days to connect with higher planes and overall we can expect Jupiter to activate more dharmic energy on a mundane and personal level and thus more righteousness to come through.

It remains to be mentioned that today, 1 April, is the spiritual new moon and that in Hindu astrology, new annual horoscopes are drawn up for the different countries worldwide on this day. For this, one takes the respective capital city and looks at which Ascendant results for it at the exact time of the New Moon in Pisces. On this level, the horoscope for Ukraine looks much better than that of last year and it can be assumed that righteousness and justice will prevail. As a feature of this I can mention here that Ukraine has a strong 9th ruler in the 9th house with Taurus Ascendant and the Ascendant ruler in the good 10th house in acceptable strength. In the Russian annual horoscope, there is a Gemini Ascendant with a weak Mercury in the fall in the 10th house and the Mars-Saturn conjunction falls in the difficult 8th house, which however indicates a lot of destructive energy, anger and destruction. Nevertheless, I dare to be optimistic on the basis of this horoscope.


Planetary constellations in March

In my February article I pointed out the tensions and the lack of diplomatic energy in the sky and still had the hope that the conflict would not lead to warlike actions on the scale currently being observed. I wrote in February that the “background music” based on the slow planets would rather not indicate this. I still stand behind this statement today, 1 March, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already reached day 6. In other words, I hope that the conflict does not spread any further, although of course I do not want to play down the dramatic conditions that have already been reached. But making these statements is really very difficult on the basis of astrology, especially when the horoscope of the central people and countries are not available.

I will now first quote again my statements of January from the annual forecast:

“The communicative and diplomatic problems, blockages and obstacles already mentioned (in Feburary) will still be felt in March, especially in the first half, as Venus and Mars will still be at war. Approaching issues with consideration and goodwill, relaxed and open, will be very difficult. Hardened fronts may harden all the more. Saturn still has almost everyone “in its grip” until mid-March. From 27 Feb until around 3 March, all Grahas except Ra/Ke are in Capricorn and Aquarius. (Also activation of the May 22 eclipse point!).

Until 14 March this situation will remain. Only then will the Sun go into sidereal Pisces and allow more Jupiter energy to flow to our planet Earth. Although we have all been waiting for Jupiter to leave the sign of its fall and bring more foresight, optimism and tolerance back into our lives, we must acknowledge that Saturn still has the upper hand.

However, the forces are turning more and more from the conservative, controlling to the new and more rebellious behaviour. It is hard to believe that people will move towards each other in these days and weeks. Attention, much manipulative and destructive energy present!”

At these words I had the calendar in front of me where I had marked that Mercury, the planet of communication would conjunct Saturn on March 2 and then Mars would conjunct Pluto on the new moon day at the beginning of Capricorn on March 2-3. This Mars-Pluto conjunction seems to be one of the most problematic constellations of the year and it holds a lot of explosive energy. This energy is further triggered by the fact that transit Ketu is already moving over the ecliptic point in May. All this together makes a scenario seem possible, as it is happening right now in Eastern Europe,

Unfortunately, as far as I know, astrology cannot really make more accurate mundane forecasts because, among other things, it is difficult for us to determine where certain energies are unfolding and manifesting. Since we have now reached the zenith of the problematic constellations, we can only hope that there will soon be a limitation and no further escalation. Perhaps a final word: Saturn, the planet that rules the two signs Capricorn and Aquarius and thus has a lot to say at the end of February and beginning of March, is also a signifier for consequences and also for a kind of justice. This means that he would not arbitrarily release any energy, but that one can assume that the present situation is the consequence of many failures of the past and is created by them. As more and more planetary factors move out of Capricorn into rebellious, renewing Aquarius in the coming weeks, this situation should also offer the chance to finally live more equality in the world. Standing together, seeing ourselves as one humanity, as brothers and sisters regardless of nationality, would be a wonderful vision to be born out of this crisis in the long run.

Until then, our hearts are entirely with the Ukrainian people, whose bravery will surely go down in history. May all the good forces of the universe help to end unnecessary bloodshed and bring about reconciliation.

Planetary News February


Mercury is still retrograde until 4 February, which could lead to misunderstandings, ambiguities and “loops or curves” in contractual agreements and should be taken into account.

Otherwise Mars and Venus play the main role in February. For about 1 month (11 Feb to 12 March) you remain at war (Yuddha) with each other, beginning in 18 Sagittarius and ending in 11 Capricorn. In both signs Mars is clearly the strongest and puts pressure on all Venusian qualities. We can only hope that the resulting passion is expressed in a level-headed way and does not contribute to intensifying the smouldering power conflicts. I can’t help thinking at this point about the smouldering conflict between Russia and the Nato states. In view of the fact that there is no dramatic ” planetary background music” in the form of violent, rare constellations, this conflict can perhaps be compared to the passionate quarrel of a married couple that flares up again and again and can then be pacified again. The three Saturn-Uranus squares of the last year alone and the renewed rapprochement of the two towards the end of the year could indicate that some kind of re-ordering or re-agreement has to be made, as conditions have changed in recent years.

Then in mid-February the eclipse point on the 3 Taurus/Scorpio axis is also activated by the transiting Moon nodes, which tends to suggest the repeated flaring up of Scorpio issues. We should all practice what Scorpio is least capable of: Letting go. And then we should all be mindful and observe the effects and especially observe the transformational processes that take place within ourselves. They can be incredibly liberating and redeeming!

At the end of February comes the crowning finale: Mars enters Capricorn and meets Pluto there and thus all planets except the lunar nodes are then immediately under Saturn’s rule. We could experience this as a restrictive phase – all the more important to know that the night appears darkest just before dawn!

So it’s going to be an exciting February and on a personal level it would be very helpful to keep confronting our own inner struggles. Only if we manage to face “warlike” attacks without projection and with love and goodwill, can something change on the outside.

People who have the Ascendant, Moon or basically more than one planet in Capricorn will be particularly affected by the February constellations. They should be prepared for many “triggers” and always consciously go to their own centre.



Astrological Constellations 2022

On 21 January at 18:00 hrs there will be the annual preview of the new year. This year, as always, has very special astrological constellations that activate certain sections of the zodiac more than others. Who will experience special challenges or opportunities in the coming year is what I will present and explain in my lecture on 14 January.

The lecture will be understandable for astrological laymen as well as provide accurate information for professionals.

All students known to us can simply use the familiar login. All others please contact me shortly.

As a small fee I will charge 15,- € for all participants. This can be sent via PayPal to or transferred to my bank account. I will gladly inform new participants about the details.

The login will be the usual Zoom login you all know. New participants will receive this login link by email immediately after payment has been received.


The Prognostic Power of Retrograde Cycles

Saturday, the 17th of Oct, 14.30 h – 16 h and 16.30 h to 18 h

The cycles of the planets as they move from their retrograde to direct stations are amazing forecasters of events on a natal and mundane level. In this workshop we will look at the retrograde cycles of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, and show how they affect you and the world around you. We will show what these planets do when they contact a planet or point in your chart, and emphasize the importance of their natal and transiting house positions. We will also look at the havoc they often create in the world using as a perfect example the current Mars retrograde cycle from September 9-November 14.

Lecturer: Ronnie Gale Dreyer, English with German translation

Ronnie Gale Dreyer is an internationally-known consultant, lecturer, and teacher based in New York City. She has lectured throughout the world, conducts ongoing classes/webinars, and wrote numerous books including Venus, Healing Signs, and Vedic Astrology. Ronnie co-authored, with Nick Campion, a chapter on Indian Astrology in Religious Transformation in Modern Asia. She has been guest lecturer in Indian Cosmology for the M.A. Distance Learning Program in Cultural Astronomy at University of Wales. Ronnie received her M.A. in South Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University and wrote her thesis on women’s astrology in India. She can be reached at,

Fee: 45 Euros

Jubiläumskongress und “Historisches”

Nun ist es tatsächlich schon 20 Jahre her, seit unsere 1. Webseite online ging, unser altes Logo steht oben im Banner. Damals gab es kaum Seiten zur vedischen Astrologie und wir haben ein Neuland betreten, das uns faszinierte und das zu unserem weiteren Lebensinhalt werden sollte.

Das möchten wir mit Euch allen feiern und dabei auch den Menschen danken, die uns in all den Jahren immer unterstützt haben und deren Loyalität für uns enorm wichtig war und ist.
Unter anderem gehören dazu diese Menschen, mit denen wir direkt zusammen gearbeitet haben und zum Teil immer noch tun:

Klaus und die leider zu früh verstorbene Maria Luise Mathis aus Österreich, Ruth Züger-Meyer aus der Schweiz , Coen van der Kroon aus den Niederlanden und Jutta Stützle, die nuns schon seit Jahren als freie Mitarbeiterin bei uns tätig ist. Wir hoffen, dass sich der Kreis der mitarbeitenden Menschen in den nächsten Jahren erweitern wird und freuen uns auf diesen neuen Abschnitt.

Seitdem hat sich viel getan. Entwicklungen auf allen Ebenen haben uns mitgenommen, überrollt, meist ging es aufwärts, doch manchmal ist auch etwas auf der Strecke geblieben. Panta rhei – alles fließt.

Nachdem wir 2001 bereits gemerkt hatten, das das Interesse an der vedischen Astrologie enorm war, haben wir die DGVA gegründet (Deutsche Gesellschaft für vedische Astrologie), die 2013 in die EVVA (Europäische Vereinigung für vedische Astrologie) umbenannt wurde und deren Vorsitz wir bis 2018 entweder gemeinsam oder ich alleine hatte. Im November 2018 entschied ich mich, dieses Amt niederzulegen und mittlerweile ist dieser Verein leider aufgelöst worden. Meine Zeit an der Spitze dieser Organisation war vorbei und es war an der Zeit, mich auf andere Themen zu konzentrieren.

So kam es dazu, dass wir in unserem Jubiläumsjahr die 1. Astrovedic Akademie Prüfung abhalten werden, nach alter Tradition durchgeführt in Zusammenarbeit mit Dr. KS Charak und Vinay Aditya und dem Institute of Vedic Astrology in New Delhi.

Da der Verein nun aber nicht mehr existiert und somit die bereits geprüften Kolleginnen und Kollegen nicht mehr auf dessen Webseite gelistet werden können, haben wir uns folgendes überlegt:

Alle bisher geprüften Vedischen Astrologinnen und Astrologen hier im deutschsprchigen Europa (und Holland und Slovakien) , die über die Jahre vom DGVA oder EVVA zertifiziert worden sind, haben ihre Ausbildung bei uns absolviert. Daher bieten wir auch den Absolvent*innen dieser Jahrgänge die Möglichkeit an, sich auf unserer Webseite listen zu lassen. Meldet Euch einfach bei uns!!

Ein weiterer unterstützender Faktor auf unserem Weg waren der Meridian bzw. der damalige und heutige Redakteur dieser astrologischen Fachzeitzeitschrift haben uns mit ihrem persönlichen Interesse an der indischen Astrologie sehr unterstützt. Markus Jehle wollte 2000 den 1. Beitrag “Wie ich vom Fisch zum Wassermann wurde” gar nicht veröffentlichen, lies sich aber dazu überreden, ihn wenigstens zu lesen. Danach veröffentlichte er jeden Beitrag, den ich für den Meridian verfasste und dafür bin ich ihm noch heute dankbar. Auch mit Holger Faß hat der Meridian wieder einen für die vedische Schwester offenen Redakteur und gerne verweise ich an dieser Stelle auf die Mediathek des Meridian, wo die seit 2004 erschienen 8 Veröffentlichungen erhältlich sind.


Dieser erste Artikel war mehr oder weniger der Startschuß für unsere Akademie, denn schon schnell fanden sich die ersten westlichen Astrolog*innen ein, die nur darauf gewartet hatten, diese Astrologie in deutscher Sprache erlernen zu können.

Und nun können wir auf 20 Jahre zurück blicken, in denen wir wunderbare Menschen kennengelernt haben und mittlerweile zu einer richtigen Gemeinschaft zusammen gewachsen sind. Indien haben wir gemeinsam bereist und kürzlich sind wir sogar gemeinsam aufgebrochen um die Geheimnisse von Vedanta zu ergründen.

In der Hoffnung, noch viel miteinander erfahren und erlernen zu dürfen, eigene spannende Entwicklungswege gehen zu dürfen und zugleich vielen Menschen auf deren Wegen Begleiter*innen sein zu dürfen, freuen wir uns auf die nächsten Jahre und Jahrzehnte mit Euch.

Doch nun wollen wir erst mal feiern. Und zwar online in diesem ganz speziellen Jahr.

Und mit diesen besonderen Freunden, Lehrern und Unterstützern!!

Booking of indiviudal lectures of our Jyotish Event

Regarding our Jyotish Meeting with Prof. Sekhar, Ronnie Gale Dreyer and Nalinikanta Das:

Booking of indiviudal lectures as webinars possible:

3 X 3 hours with Prof. Sekhar (Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 12.30 h) – 120 Euro (incl. Download as Video)

1 X 3 hours with Ronnie Gale Dreyer (Fridayafternoon from 14.30 to 18 h) – 40 Euro (incl. Download as Video)

1 X 3 hours with Nalinikanta Das (Saturdayafternoon from 14.30 to 18 h) – 40 Euro (incl. Download and Video)