Astro*Karto*Graphy – have you heard about it?

Everybody knows that every form of astrology provides information about the quality of time we were born into. However, not everyone knows that astrology also has methods that help us to determine why we feel good in certain places and are successful there, and why we don’t really want to succeed in other places. In fact, the relationship between the birth chart and the coordinates of our earth has been known for decades and is now well researched. Numerous books have been published on the subject and one of the authors of such a book, Martin Davis, told me many years ago that he even uses this technique for birth time correction. Because, he explained, ever since he knew the place in the world where he could finally become a father, he was quite sure of his birth time. I myself have never dealt with this subject intensively, but in my brief encounters with it I have always found confirmation.

The “father” of this work may well be considered the already deceased Jim Lewis, whom Ronnie Gale Dreyer knew well and who later started a collaboration with Ronnie’s husband Kenneth. For them, Astro*Carto*Graphy has long been part of their own work. On 14 October 2023, Ronnie will now offer the long-awaited workshop on the subject. As always, I will translate her explanations.

And by the way: You don’t need any special software for this, as there are some free online calculation options. I will draw your attention to these during the seminar.