Jyotish Introduction Online class

Overview over the current training:

5th Module starts on 14th of January 2021


14th of Jan – 19.30 h

Sa, 23rd of Jan – 10 h and 14 h

28th of Jan – 19.30 h

11th of Feb – 19.30 h

25th of Feb – 19.30 h

11th of March – 19.30 h


In these 7 lessons, we will cover the 1st module of our online training.

After that, everyone can decide, if they want to continue and get into the full training, which will then be done online (as long as necessary). The final module(s) might be held in Holland, depending on the travel situation and the preferences of the students. The full training should be finished in about 1 – 1,5 years.

Here is the full syllabus:

  1. Planets and signs – this topic starts in April 2020 and is itself very useful to study, even if you are not sure if you want to do the full training. it gives a deeper insight into the astrological background and helps also understanding, what astrologers might tell you.
  2. Bhavas (Houses) and their meanings
  3. Evaluating planetary strengths and first combinations
  4. The Yogas
  5. The Vimshottari Dasasystem 
  6. The lunar zodiac – the 27 Nakshatras 
  7. Transits, Ashtaka Varga and Shad Bala
  8. Rahu-Ketu, the karmic axis
  9. The divisional charts or Vargas

Fees: 160 Euros for each module (7 lessons), including marking of 3 assignments per module. The introduction module will be available for 120 Euros right now – special price. Payment can be done on a monthly basis