Advanced studies 2021

This is a program, which is adding to the basis foundation.

We will meet every 2nd Thursday, altogether 20 times in 2021. We
will cover the following topics:

  •  Advanced Yoga interpretation (more Nabasa Yogas, Yogas we have neglected and also
    practical use of rare Yogas) – 2 to 3 lessons
  • Outer planets – what do they mean and how are they used in mundane astrology – 1 lesson
  • Predictive astrology – advanced transit interpretation in combination with Dasa-Bhukti and
    where dose the Varshaphala come in? – 2 to 3 lessons
  • Advanced Nakshatra interpretation (for Dasa-Bhukti, but also in natal astrology) – 2 lessons
  • Panchang – what does it mean in general and how to apply in a natal chart – 2 lessons

I can also add Prashna or Muhurta to the list.

In between we can always do a Supervision class and we can also use your charts as examples (charts
of clients etc.)
Costs: Per lesson 12,50 €, you book and pay as many as you like. If you want to follow the whole
program, you can pay in instalments, monthly 25 Euros or whichever way you like.