Astrovedic Saturday-Academy (Jyotishworkshop)

On this page we will present our new seminar format and show the next upcoming dates.
From 14 September 2019, we will offer an online seminar once a month with an international speaker. The spectrum of topics and speakers will be broad. This idea was born because I have met so many interesting Indian astrologers and colleagues at congresses in recent years and have now found an opportunity to present them with their individual topics to our students.

There will be two lessons of 90 mins each, sometimes one in the morning and one in the afternoon or both in the afternoon (European time), depending on the timezone of the Speaker.

All offers are in English language with German translation. A download will then be available, which will be included in the price for all participants.

Next Seminar (online):

Benefiz-Workshop with Dr. Charak from New-Delhi: Balarishta Yogas, their Results and their cancellations on June, 19,  2021

It is a special pleasure for me to announce this workshop – for various reasons. On the one hand, because I was able to win Dr. Charak to conduct a workshop for us. Dr Charak and I have known each other for almost 20 years and only now will he have his premiere with us.
Dr. Charak is not only a passionate Jyotishi, but he is also primarily a surgeon and his heart and soul have been flowing into his nonprofit work for several decades: He organizes medical camps in remote areas of India and treats or operates on people who would otherwise have no access to medical care. He himself takes a lot of work and now has a good team and a foundation behind him, which has decided to build a hospital that treats the poor free of charge. In this context, there are many fundraisers and in the course of this, a man has agreed to double any amount that will be donated (until September 21) – up to 100 000 dollars! So if we now carry out this workshop for the benefit of the organization, the donation amount will even be doubled!!

I would like to ask you all to pay the usual 45 euros (or of course more) directly to the PayPal address of the organization.
But now to the astrological side:

The Balarishta Yogas are very important for determining the length of life and health. To be able to better assess these yogas and to know if and when they indicate crises in life is the goal of this workshop.

Time: Saturday, of June from 14.30 h CEST until 18.00 h with a 30 mins break between the two Zoom-Sessions

Fee: Please donate 45,- (or more)€ to the Samjivani Foundation (  – via PayPal:

If you need a confirmation, that this foundation is due eligible to tax deduction, please get in touch and I will provide that document.

This workshop has already taken place and can still be purchased:

The Padas – a leaf from Jaimini Astrology integrated in Parashari chart interpretation

Pada is a unique concept of Jaimini Astrology. It generates a new reference point for every house. Analysis of the chart through Pada considerations provides new insights into the chart reading. Taking a leaf out of Jaimini we will use it predominantly as per our regular Parashari practices and watch how it augments our understanding of the chart. It would be good to have prior knowledge of Jaimini astrology, but it would not be a necessary condition for this seminar.


  • Definition and calculation of padas (Arudhas)
  • Results of Relative positions of the Padas
  • Inter-relations of the Padas
  • Jeeva relations through the Padas
  • Fields of application, such as occupation, marital relations
  • Padas in the context of activation in Dasha-Bhukti
  • Numerous example horoscopes


This is partly a repetition of a Workshop Vinay Aditya held years ago in the context of a German Astotrological conference. Part 1, the introduction, can be regarded as a repetition, part 2 is a continuation. Who has participated in Part 1 back then, can either just book part 2 or they can repeat the first part for a reduced fee.

About Vinay Aditya:

Vinay Aditya became a Jyotish Visharad from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, a renown Vedic Astrology institute, founded by the famous Vedic Astrologer K.N. Rao. He was later conferred the title of Jyotish Vachaspati by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences.

Vinay started teaching Vedic Astrology in 1994. Since then, he has lectured and led workshops on various subjects under the auspicies of ACVA, BAVA and DGVA, the American, British and German Councils of Vedic Astrology, respectively. Since the 2000, he has served as a regular faculty member at the annual astrology seminar in Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Pennsylvania, USA. In addition, he has tutored various foreign students in astrology and palmistry from time to time. In addition to astrology, he has been teaching palmistry for the last 3 years.

He has written a highly acclaimed book, Dots of Destiny, Applications of Ashtakavarga and has pioneered work on this topic and presented several workshops around the world. He is the associate editor of the bi-monthly magazine Vedic Astrology, edited by Dr. KS Charak, and contribute research articles to the magazine regularly.


Normalfee: 90,- Euro for both workshops

Fee for active students: 70,- Euro for both workshops

Repetitionfee: 70,- Euro for both workshops if you have already participated in part 1

Singe workshop: 45 Euros

For registration please send me an email. Spoken language is English with German translation.