Astrovedic Saturday-Academy (Jyotishworkshop)

On this page we will present our new seminar format and show the next upcoming dates.
From 14 September 2019, we will offer an online seminar once a month with an international speaker. The spectrum of topics and speakers will be broad. This idea was born because I have met so many interesting Indian astrologers and colleagues at congresses in recent years and have now found an opportunity to present them with their individual topics to our students.

The following dates are planned for 2019:

  • December 7th with Prof. Sekhar
  • Januar 11th with Sri Swami Svatmananda
  • February 1st with Linda Mackey

There will be two lessons of 90 mins each, sometimes one in the morning and one in the afternoon or both in the afternoon (European time), depending on the timezone of the Speaker.

All offers are in English language with German translation. A download will then be available, which will be included in the price for all participants.

Dec 7th, 2019: Prof. Jaya Sekhar: Follow-up class Jyotish and Chakras and karmic Code

Morning class: 2 charts will be studied using the combination between Chart and Chakra

Afternoon class: When and why do we use which of these methods and what do they reveal about the karmic structure of a person?

If you are interested you can find the information for the download of the seminar from April and September, please get in touch.

Timing: 9.30 h to 11 h and 14 to 15.30 h

Fee: 45 Euros

Jan 11, 2020: Sri Swami Svatmananda: MOKSHA HOUSES – Follow up class

This will be a very special seminar, as we will have the honour to study with a Swami from the Sri Swami Dayananda lineage, who has expertise in the deep studies of the Vedas as well as Jyotish, Ayurveda and other vedic sciences. Coming from an engeneering and management background, he follows the Indian tradtion of learning from the sastras and teaches classes in Vedanta online and in groups all over the world. Here is his description of this workshop:

“When we study Jyotisha, we learn about Moksha houses.

But do we really know what moksha houses mean?

How do we understand and read moksha houses, that are the 4th, 8th, and 12th?

Sri Swami Svatmananda will unfold the meaning of moksha and how to read moksha houses in one’s chart. Understanding the significance of moksha house can help a client to understand their journey in this life more clearly. While we typically consider the 8th and 12th houses to be “bad” houses, for someone who is destined for moksha those are the best houses. ”




Timing: 9:30 bis 11 h und 14 bis 15.30 h

Fee: 45 Euro