Videoclasses Beginner´s level

Here you will find videos for self-study or study in dialogue with Gudrun Lewis (by telephone or video conference). Please send us this contact form and tell us the video package you are interested in. E. g. B3 for the Nakshatras or F6 for the Prashna. We will then send you further information and a sample video free of charge and without obligation. This takes place within a maximum of 24 hours.

Please note: All prices refer to downloads, when sending CDs by post 10,- Euro will be added.

Learn or deepen Vedic Astrology at home

On this page you will find our offer of video or audio files that you can order from us, even if you have not studied with us before.

You are also welcome to experience the lessons, which we offer here as recordings, live.

The Differentiated Interpretation of the Moon – B1

G. Lewis – Schellenbeck

in 4 videos we dedicate ourselves to the interpretation of the moon with all facets:

  • Moon in signs and houses
  • Difference between bright and dark moon
  • Yogas of the Moon
  • conjunctions of the moon
  •  examples

Costs for 4 times 90 minutes and written documents:

As Downloads (Video) 48,- Euro

The 12 Ascendant Types – The Key to Understanding the Horoscope – B2

G. Lewis – Schellenbeck

At the beginning of our work as Vedic astrologers we offered this seminar again and again and the participants were always enthusiastic. If you take a closer look at the 12 types of ascendants, you can see patterns that shape a person so deeply that all other indications seem almost “grafted up”;. Once one has grasped the human being from his ascendant, one can meet him with more understanding and at the same time better suggestions for improving his situation. In contrast to Edith Hathaway, we will not work out and present the horoscopes of individual representatives, but the common structures of the 12 types – on 6 evenings. In each case 2 ascendants will be discussed and discussed per evening. The content of this seminar offers, among other things, a good opportunity to open the consultation, which is especially valuable for “freshly baked”; astrologers.

Suitable for all with intermediate to advanced prior knowledge

Cost 6 times 90 minutes:

As Download (Video) 72,- Euro

The Nakshatras – basic introduction – B3

G. Lewis-Schellenbeck

The Nakshatras are a very special and fascinating facet of Vedic astrology to which we have dedicated 6 evenings.

General significance of the Nakshatras as a system
Interpretation of the Nakshatras in detail
Practical application of the Nakshatra meanings on different levels

Costs for 6 times 90 minutes incl.  written documents: G. Lewis – Schellenbeck

As Download (Video) 120,- Euro

Interpretation of Transits – B4

  • Basic rules of transit interpretation
  • Practicing the basic rules
  • Application of Ashtaka Varga for transits
  • many vivid examples

Costs for 6 times 90 minutes and written documents:


As Download (Video) 85,- Euro

Interpretation of Vargas and different areas of life – B5

G. Lewis – Schellenbeck

  • Calculation and meaning of the most important vargas
  • Importance and application of the Navamsa
  • Analysis of individual habitats under consideration of Vargas

Costs for 6 times 90 minutes and written documents:

As download package (video) 85,- Euro

Videoclasses intermediate Leve

The Varshaphala – the Indian annual horoscope

Every year, when the sun returns to the Natal position, a new annual horoscope begins to work. In this online seminar, which is available as video and audio together with written materials, we teach the methodology in theory and practice. We deal with the following points:

  • Calculation of the annual horoscope
  • Interpretation elements such as Muntha, Yearlord and Tajaka Yogas
  • Interpretation in the context of the natal horoscope
  • many examples

Costs for  6 times 90 Minuten and handout:

As Download (Video) 85,- Euro
Als Downloadpaket mit Bearbeitung von 2 Übungen und 1 Einzelstunde 125,- Euro