Basis Training Course in English

Every 2 to 3 years we offer a live-online-training in english. The next one will start in Spring 2019.

If you don´t want to wait that long, there´s a great alternative: Videotraining with individual tuition

These are the topics:

  1. Planets and signs
  2. Bhavas (Houses) and their meanings
  3. Evaluating planetary strengths and first combinations
  4. The Yogas
  5. The Vimshottari Dasasystem 
  6. The lunar zodiac – the 27 Nakshatras 
  7. Transits, Ashtaka Varga and Shad Bala
  8. Rahu-Ketu, the karmic axis
  9. The divisional charts or Vargas

In the case of video training, one module covers one topic. Each module consists of 7 videos (plus audio files) and written documents. In addition, you will have one hour (60 min) of one-to-one tuition, either by phone or online. 3 exercises will also be worked on. The costs are 165 Euro per module or topic. At first you only log on for the 1st module and after completion of a module you always have the possibility to pause or abort.

In the online training, a topic is dealt with in 7 online live lessons. The download will be available afterwards, the cost is 165,- Euro per module.

Please ask for the test-video, we´ll send you a donwloadlink.

Upon completion of the Basis Course the Students also have the opportunity to sit for the EVVA  (European Association of Vedic Astrology)

Exam.This exam is in association with renowned Astrologers  in India .

For the advanced students we offer in depth modules for the following subjects.

  • Medical Ayurvedic Astrology.
  • Partnership analysis.
  • Dysfunctional Family patterns.
  • Varshaphala – Annual Chart.
  • Muhurta – Electional Astrology.
  • Prashna – Horary Astrology
  • Understanding the Moon

If you are interested in our Webinars, please get in touch and we´ll invite you to participate in a test lesson.