Mars Conjunctions, eclipses and wars

Once again, world events seem to show us that we humans are not yet ready for peace. Carolin Myss, one of the mystics and spiritual teachers of our time, once put it like this: “We don’t deserve peace. We are not even in a position to live in peace with those closest to us.” The fact that these statements are very true is something we experience on a daily basis, both on a small and large scale, and in recent years more drastically than ever before. While many people in the spiritual scene talk about the upcoming energetic increase in frequencies, the visible world shows us a different reality. The gap between hope on the one hand and human suffering on the other could hardly be greater.
I have not written the following article to dampen emerging hopes, although I must admit that the silver lining on the horizon is not yet visible in my perception. However, I found the astrological signatures too tempting and in the spirit of broadening understanding I would like to publish my observations after all. And I don’t want to neglect to include a personal conviction: I don’t think it’s a good idea to be overwhelmed and discouraged by current political or worldly events. Nor do I think it’s a good idea to throw yourself into the pleasures of the material world to compensate. Rather, these definitely challenging times offer a lot of potential to take a closer look at our own fears and attitudes. Taking an honest look at your own aggressive expressions and questioning what triggered them can be an important first step, especially if it can be done with self-love and without judgement of your own weaknesses. Recognising the fears behind our own defensive, irritable or attacking behaviour can take us a long way forward. If we then remember what we all know deeply but lose sight of again and again in everyday life, we can relax and find peace within ourselves even in times of conflict. What I mean by this is the knowledge that this earthly existence is only a kind of practice situation and that what we really are is not jeopardised by these worldly conflicts. On the contrary: every crisis can help us to recognise and feel our true self, to identify with it instead of the perishable body. I recently read a novel that I found in my husband’s estate: The Hill by K. Venkataraman – a novel about Ramana Maharshi. Here his simple yet profound teachings came through beautifully: Whenever spiritual seekers came and asked about the path to enlightenment, he simply replied, “Find out who you are.”
After this somewhat lengthy introduction, let’s now analyse the astrology:
The theory always says that when other significant constellations among the planets occur in temporal proximity to the eclipses, a special, usually mundanely difficult energy arises from this, especially when natural malefics are involved. This clearly seems to be the case for the solar eclipse on 8 April and the Saturn-Mars conjunction on 11 April. On 2 April, shortly before the eclipse, Israel had two Iranian generals killed, which then led to an Iranian counterattack on 13 April, two days after the Mars-Saturn conjunction. Mars will then cross the eclipse point of 8 April at the end of May, which will probably be the next marker of further developments.
The fact that Israel’s war against the Hamaz also began very close in time to the solar eclipse on 14 October 2023 confirms the above theory, as does the fact that a Ketu-Mars conjunction also took place in the sky on 5 October, two days before the start of this war. This conjunction, like the eclipse, took place in close proximity to the Ascendant of Israel.
Gayatri Devi Vasudev, who has shed astrological light on this conflict in the current issue of “Modern Astrologer”, considers the Rahu opposition with the Ascendant of Israel (which creates a Ketu-Mars conjunction with the Ascendant) to be the most important trigger and unfortunately comes to the conclusion that this war will not end quickly, which is clearly evident. She uses as the horoscope for the “birth” of Israel the horoscope of the founding conference of 14 May 1948 at 4 pm in Tel Aviv. As Nicholas Campion explains in his indispensable book “The Book of World Horoscopes”, some astrologers use a slightly later time, which would bring Israel’s Ascendant from 29 degrees Virgo to up to 6 degrees Libra. Allegedly, however, the 4 pm horoscope has already stood up to some scrutiny. I myself have started to work with this horoscope and find it more coherent than the Libra horoscope and I also consider the Lagna at the very end of the sign of Virgo to be a suitable signature for a country whose existence and expansion is unclear. In addition, Israel will is in Rahu Dasa since February 2023 and Rahu is in the 8th house and activates Mars in 12, which would fit very well with a sneak attack.
What remains for us to observe is how Mars’ transit over the eclipse point will manifest at the end of May. Unfortunately, we must expect a renewed flare-up of martial energies and also that the level of aggression will not diminish significantly by then. Only after this trigger is over and the next eclipse phase comes in September/October will the currently agitated energies have a chance to calm down. The human suffering that will be caused until then, especially in the Gaza Strip, will certainly continue to weigh on our collective consciousness, as will the situation in Ukraine.