A lot going on at the sky

For the end of July/beginning of August many astrologers have pointed with excitement to the Mars-Rahu-Uranus conjunction in Aries. In order to clarify the significance of this constellation, I would first like to briefly describe the individual factors:

Mars is the heated planet, representing energy, courage and purposefulness, but also frustration, anger and aggression. Mars moves once through the entire zodiac, from Aries to Pisces, within two years. Therefore, he will spend a few weeks in Aries every two years. We then speak of him being in his own sign and being particularly strong. For all strenuous activities that require a lot of courage, strength and fighting spirit, this is a good energy. For all peaceful issues and especially for interpersonal interaction it is a great challenge. Often enough the “fuse is short” and arguments, verbal or otherwise, quickly ensue. Mars, by the way, will leave the sidereal sign of Aries on August 11 and then stay in the sign of Taurus until mid-March. In between there will be a short interruption of about 4 weeks when he will stay in the sign of Gemini. This is due to the fact that he will go retrograde in the next few months, more precisely on October 31 in 1 degree Gemini. The result then is that all people will have Mars as a guest in the house of their chart where the sign of Taurus is located. And guests, we have probably all learned, should be welcomed and treated and entertained well. What this can mean in detail and how to make friends with Mars will then be the subject of another article.

The unpredictable Rahu, whose task it is to initiate the necessary development processes through turmoil, is considered the co-ruler of Aquarius in Vedic astrology and thus symbolizes the departure into the new, the cutting off of the old braids, but also restlessness, volatility and provocation. Even though for many a departure into something new is tempting, it inevitably goes hand in hand with giving up old security, which many of us first experience as unsettling or even threatening. Rahu has been in the sign of Aries since mid-March 2022 and will remain there until the fall of 2023. He needs about 18.5 years for a tour through the zodiac and meets Mars about every 16 to 18 months. Since he is currently in Mars-ruled Aries, his energy is also considered to be particularly hot and fiery. If Mars and Rahu meet now, we can expect a high degree of unpredictable, fiery energy. This can show itself, for example, in riots, strikes or blockades, as long as we place it on the political level. Acts of war can also be fueled. But fires, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions also have a greater destructive effect than at other times.

Uranus, one of the Transsaturnian planets, add a whole lot of fuel to that. Although in vedic Astroloy the three transsaturnian planets Uranus, Neptun and Pluto are traditionally not included, it makes a lot sense to do so on the mundane level. Whenever we look at the bigger picture, the collective level or global issues. Through their slow journey through the zodiac (Uranus needs 84 years) they indicate the issues of whole generations rather than of individuals. And my comparative observations over the past nearly 30 years have shown that the “major” world events are much clearer through the inclusion of the outer planets, as they are also fondly called. The mere conjunction of Mars and Rahu would have less long-term significance without the involvement of Uranus. By the way, its astrological symbolism is very similar to that of Rahu, so that one can also speak of a double rebellion against the existing when Rahu and Uranus meet. Considering that Rahu and Uranus are already in the fiery, impulse-giving sign of Aries since the middle of March, it should hardly be surprising that just worldwide many leading personalities are deposed or give up themselves. In Italy and Great Britain changes of power are in the offing, the French president is sitting on a rather shaky chair and so on. The British royal family, probably the most important monarchy in Europe, has also been weakened by recent scandals. This is certainly one level of how the confluence of the two astrological factors seeking change and development shows up. By the way, I don’t like to speak of Rahu as a planet because it is, after all, an astronomically determined intersection, which in Western astrology is called the North Node of the Moon. It has no mass and is invisible and in India it is gladly called “Chayagraha”, i.e. shadow planet.

We astrologers know that all astronomical phenomena, which we interpret astrologically, want to be understood against the respective background of the current events. So here we are in the summer of 2022, a summer that we had hoped would take us back to pre-Covid reality. Instead, we are confronted with warlike actions that are more widespread and closer than we have experienced before. Europe is beset by heat (Aries, Fire) and drought on an unprecedented scale. A volcano has erupted again in Iceland and there have been more than 1000 earth tremors in a week (according to radio news). Price increases that none of us would have thought possible are forcing us to rethink, catapulting us out of our comfort zone. After all, many of us have already left the “comfort zone” in 2020. The dwindling trust in governments and the increasing division of societies have already had an impact since then.

Against this background it becomes clear that the Mars-Rahu-Uranus conjunction will be a kind of catalyst for further upheavals. Even if major dramatic individual events have so far failed to materialize, this conjunction will have sown its seeds and we should be more concerned with the positive nurturing of the new seed rather than withdrawing into ourselves or becoming defensive. And we should pay special attention to events that happen in synchronicity with the particular quality of time: the fact that Nancy Pelosi, an important American politician, is traveling to Taiwan at this time of all times is very exciting. Here the effects of the two rebellious Grahas Rahu and Uranus are clearly noticeable and will accordingly occupy us for a long time.

With so many signs pointing to renewal, we should ask ourselves what needs change and renewal in our personal lives. Where have we settled too comfortably in structures, of which we know basically that they do not correspond to our today’s values any more and in which we nevertheless persist for reasons of the habit and comfort? What does our personal departure look like? And what can and may we (finally) free ourselves from in the course of this, become freer?

If we keep in mind that Uranus will turn retrograde at the end of August and the distance between Rahu and Uranus will only slowly increase, we can assume that this energy will remain effective until autumn. This gives us plenty of opportunity to face the fears, some of which are emerging, that will come to light with these many changes. The only thing that helps is to stay in the here-and-now, that is, in this moment. For those who are in the past will suffer illusions or pain, and those who go into the future will probably be haunted by even more fears. Being fully here and reminding ourselves that crises can help us become more aware of the meaning of our earthly existence would be a very positive use of these challenging energies. Thus, the revolutionary energies can serve as true catalysts in those who are ready to evolve out of the dark structures of Kali Yuga. True freedom no one has to give us and no one can take away from us.