Planets in April

April22 – Grafik Monthly overview

In January I made the following notes on the month of April and in this article I would like to try to relate the events that have occurred in the meantime to the planetary factors.

“The month of April is astrologically certainly the most unsettled and changeable month of the year. It begins with Mars very close to Saturn, a clash of forces that was also present at the beginning of April 2020 and certainly helped determine the escalation of the pandemic and related measures at that time.

A few days later Mars will be in exact square with the Moon’s Nodal axis, again a huge area of tension. Basically, the 4 most difficult offenders are in contact with each other. Then, with several sign changes and an eclipse coming up in the next few weeks, we have to expect a really turbulent April.

At the beginning of the month we also have the Ju/Ne conjunction, which can actually be seen as a very benevolent spiritual encounter. Will it still have such a positive effect in all the turbulent other energies? We should practice meditation and contemplation and use it for ourselves. Collectively, it could also create new confusion.”

To this remarks I would like to add that the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn has a very special signature. Saturn, the stubborn planet focused on permanence and control, fights back against the fiery, all-propelling Mars. This results in an enormous clash of energy, which not infrequently expresses itself in the form of accidents in individual horoscopes. In this particular spring, when a war is shaking Europe, one could conclude that the dimension of violence and suffering that the people in Ukraine have to go through is not likely to calm down, but even increase. This is supported by the fact that the Moon of Ukraine (24.8.1991) is at the end of the sign of Capricorn, i.e. where the Mars-Saturn conjunction will manifest in the first week of April. If one were to interpret the horoscope of an individual, one would speak of the Saade Sati, a phase in a person’s life in which responsibility for one’s own actions is demanded. A phase that is never easy, but which in retrospect will prove to be one of the most important turning points in life. As Ukraine has a very strong horoscope and also a high demand for power (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun in Leo in Magha-Nakshatra) this nation will certainly not give up and in my opinion has a very good chance of maintaining its own sovereignty. However, this then also means that the warlike conflict may drag on for quite a while.

After the month of April, the rest of the year will clearly be less spectacular from an astrological point of view, which unfortunately does not automatically mean that peace and quiet will quickly return. On the contrary: many of us will certainly feel that many adjustments will be necessary after the turbulence of the last few years (more precisely since the eclipse of December 2019). I don’t want to speak of a turn of the times at this point, because in my perception everything is always in flux. But on the other hand, it is also all too human to take certain comforts for granted very quickly and to forget that precisely on this level of existence nothing lasts and that all well-being on our continent unfortunately all too often results in suffering on other parts of the world. So we would be better advised to live in a consciousness that reminds us again and again that the zeitgeist, the quality of time, never stays on one frequency for long.

Let us return to the astrological factors: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on 9 April and the sign change of Jupiter into its own sign Pisces allow for much hope. Spiritually oriented people should especially use the next few days to connect with higher planes and overall we can expect Jupiter to activate more dharmic energy on a mundane and personal level and thus more righteousness to come through.

It remains to be mentioned that today, 1 April, is the spiritual new moon and that in Hindu astrology, new annual horoscopes are drawn up for the different countries worldwide on this day. For this, one takes the respective capital city and looks at which Ascendant results for it at the exact time of the New Moon in Pisces. On this level, the horoscope for Ukraine looks much better than that of last year and it can be assumed that righteousness and justice will prevail. As a feature of this I can mention here that Ukraine has a strong 9th ruler in the 9th house with Taurus Ascendant and the Ascendant ruler in the good 10th house in acceptable strength. In the Russian annual horoscope, there is a Gemini Ascendant with a weak Mercury in the fall in the 10th house and the Mars-Saturn conjunction falls in the difficult 8th house, which however indicates a lot of destructive energy, anger and destruction. Nevertheless, I dare to be optimistic on the basis of this horoscope.