Jyotish foundation training 2023 (online)

In this training you get equipped with all the basic knowledge you need to do an astrological reading for a client. You can also, if you want to, sit for the exam after this training and become a professional astrologer.


I would like to invite everyone who is interested to a free lecture online. Please get in touch by email (info[at]astrovedic.de) if you would like to join this lecture. The date will be fixed soon.

How does this work?

  • 9 Modules with 7 lessons of 1,5 h live on Zoom with downloads as videos (mp4) and with PDF-Handouts
  • We will meet online every month. One month we do a weekend class (Sat. 9.30 to 16 h and Sun. 9.30 to 13 h). The next month we do just a Saturday morning (9.30 h to 13h). This way we will cover one module every within two months
  • You can send in assignments between the live-meetings and ask your questions via Email.

These are the 9 modules

  1. Planets and signs plus medical meaning of signs and planets
  2. Bhavas (Houses) and their meanings – plus medical meaning of the houses
  3. Evaluating planetary strengths and first combinations
  4. The Yogas
  5. The Vimshottari Dasasystem
  6. The lunar zodiac – the 27 Nakshatras
  7. Transits, Ashtaka Varga and Shad Bala
  8. Rahu-Ketu, the karmic axis and disease related to the nodes
  9. The divisional charts or Vargas

The costs are 170 Euro per module or topic. For each module we will need 2 months – so you can also pay in instalments of 85 Euros monthly.

You can try with the first topic and see if you want to continue. It is also possible to pause or stop after every module or topic.

Timetable for 2023


Module 1:

26 and 27 th of August – Sat: 9.30 to 16 h, Sund: 9.30 to 13 h

23rd of September – Sat 9.30 th 13h

Module 2:

28.th and 29th of October – Sat: 9.30 to 16 h, Sund: 9.30 to 13 h

25th of November- Sat 9.30 th 13h

Module 3

January 24