Astrological Constellations 2022

On 21 January at 18:00 hrs there will be the annual preview of the new year. This year, as always, has very special astrological constellations that activate certain sections of the zodiac more than others. Who will experience special challenges or opportunities in the coming year is what I will present and explain in my lecture on 14 January.

The lecture will be understandable for astrological laymen as well as provide accurate information for professionals.

All students known to us can simply use the familiar login. All others please contact me shortly.

As a small fee I will charge 15,- € for all participants. This can be sent via PayPal to or transferred to my bank account. I will gladly inform new participants about the details.

The login will be the usual Zoom login you all know. New participants will receive this login link by email immediately after payment has been received.