Dr Charak: Laghu Parashari – deeper insights in interpreting Vimsottari Dasha operations


Once again I have the honour to announce a workshop with Dr K S Charak from New Delhi, a highly reputed author and lecturer in the field of Jyotish. Dr Charak has been lecturing in the US, Europe and India and is the author of several books, amongst which his books on Medical Astrology, Varshaphala and the Yogas have nearly attained the status of classical works.

His latest publication is on a small classical text, on which he will elaborate in this seminar:



The Laghu Parashari is a small classic in Sanskrit which concerns itself with the interpretation of the Vimshottari dasha. It particularly takes into consideration the operation of the dasha as relevant to the presence of yogas in the horoscope. It is the presence of the various yogas in the chart that determines the stature of the native. Several subtle principles are hinted at to decide the worth of a rajayoga. Factors that make and mar a yoga in the chart have been explained at length. Some of the lesser known but highly relevant principles that determine the mutual relation and, therefore, the consequent effect of the operation of mahadashas and antardashas have been thoroughly elucidated. A section on longevity explains the operation of the marakas or the planets that are detrimental to survival; this seems appropriate because any rajayogas are relevant as long as the native is alive. This little classic has been highly acclaimed by authorities on Vedic astrology and has been greatly recommended for all students and teachers of astrology.

8 lessons of 1,5 hours each in Oct/Nov 2021

Dates: 2 Saturday- and Sunday mornings: Change of date!! These are the new dates:

  • 7. and 8. Nov – 9.30 h – 13h (30 mins break in between)
  • 13. and 14. Nov – 9.30 h – 13h (30 mins break in between)
  • Last lesson: beginning of Dec, timing will be discussed with the group.

Seminar fee: 170 €

This lecture will be translated into German

Dr. Charak recommends his books: