Program Anniversary Conference

Changed program – all workshops online!!

Friday, 5th of June

14.30 h – 16 h and 17.00 h – 18.30 h:

Nalinikanta Das: Application of Panchang in natal astrology

– How the Indian Calendar (Panchang) can be applied in understanding a natal chart will be in the centre of the workshop. Mainly the energies of panchang are only used for Muhurtas and ignored in natal astrology. How many insights this tool can give you in judging a birthchart will be explained and demonstrated by Nalinikanta Das.

Saturday, 6th of June

9.00 – 10.30 h:

Swami Svatmananda: What happens after we die?

– We fear death! We don’t want to die! This is because we don’t understand what happens after we die. Swamiji will not only reveal the process of dying, what happens when we die, and how we reincarnate into the human form, but also how astrology is connected to reincarnation.

11.30 – 13.00 h:

Swami Svatmananda: The teaching of Oneness

– We hear that we are all one. Sometimes, when we are in a good mood, we may think we are all one. But when someone bruises our ego, or hurt us, we want to react with vengeance. Even when we are uncomfortable we also don’t feel one with everyone. Our experiences does not prove oneness exist. So how do we really know for sure? Swamiji will reveal how you can know and what would it take for you to know that all that is here is nothing but one and only one.

Sunday, 7th of June

9.00 – 10.30 h and 11.30 – 13h:

Prof. Jaya Sekhar: Understanding the Depth of Sudarshana Chakra

–  Understanding the different Interpretations of the combination of  Rasi, Chandra- and Suryalagnachart ist a challenge. Once this is mastered, we get a lot of valuable information about a person and the purpose of this incarnation, including the karmic dimension.

The following weekend:

Saturday, 13th of June

16.00 h – 17.30 h and 18.30 h – 20.00 h:

Komilla Sutton: Rahu and Ketu and their dispositors as Karmic Control factors

– Understanding the nodes can be the key to understanding a person´s destiny and is never an easy task. In this workshop, we will focus on the often neglected dispositors of the nodes and their role in unfolding one´s destiny. Also the role of the Nakshatrapositions and the Dispositors on that level allow valuable insights.

Sunday, 14th of June

9.00 – 10.30 h and 11.30 – 13h:

Vinay Aditya: Jaimini Astrologie: A box of hidden Astrological gems

– Whether Jaimini Astrology is part of  Parashara´s system or not has nearly divided the astrological community, while nobody questions the value of this intricate system. In this workshop Vinay Aditya will give an overview over this classical system and he will also introduce some of the gems more closely and introduce their use.

15.00h – 16.00 h

Panel discussion – Q & A with all the lecturers

Program subject to change!