Jyotish foundation training for Ayurveda practitioners and others

This training is also for health practitioners in the field of yoga and other health professionals with some basic knowledge in the field of Ayurveda


Most traditional Ayurveda physicians/practitioners in India were familiar with the ancient science of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) and used this system to confirm their diagnosis, both physical and mental. Jyotish, the science of light, is regarded as a Vedanga and can generally speaking serve a lot of purposes. Like Ayurveda, Jyotish is still playing an important role in modern Indian society and Jyotishis are being consulted in matters of matrimony, politics, the timing of important events, financial matters and much more. One reason for that could be, that Vedic astrology offers possibilities to improve problematic situations through remedial measures, which are mainly in the form of Gemstones, Mantra and Yantra.

In this training, which is tailored to the requirements of Ayurveda practitioners, we want to focus on the health-related part of Vedic astrology and after the introduction, we will concentrate on the exploration of the physical and mental constitution of a client/patient, their physical strength and weaknesses and also the periods of life, when health issues might be expected. Using this approach will enable Ayurveda practitioners to even recognize underlying karmic patterns which can help to stabilize health, both mentally and psychologically.

Our 20 years of experience in natural medicine and Jyotish have led to a practical and understandable concept, which all our students can benefit from.


Introduction lecture: Wednesday, 30st of June – 19.30 h

Free of charge

The introduction lecture will deliver an overview of the basic principles of Jyotish and our training program.


Intro module  – September, October 2021, 4 lessons/sessions of 1,5 hours

Price € 90,- Early bird tariff until 31.st of August, after that: 120,00

Intro module of 4 lessons – understanding Jyotish and opening the doors to further study of Jyotish, eventually even towards professional Jyotish practice.

Reading by Gudrun – in this period from the Introduction lecture towards the end of the Intro module, it would be interesting for you to get a reading in order also to experience Jyotish from that perspective. Also if you would not sign up for the Intro module, and you would be interested in getting a Jyotish reading, this is of course possible.

Jyotish reading by Gudrun: € 140,00

Package Intro module + Reading by Gudrun: € 225,- (Early bird tariff until 31st of August: € 210,- )


Jyotish intro module to the foundation training for Ayurveda practitioners:

Lesson 1:

Vedic Astrology – where does it come from and how does it work?

  • Roots of Vedic astrology
  • Connection of Vedic astrology and the Vedas
  • Overview over the 12 signs and their elements

Lesson 2

First steps into the understanding of planets

  • Characteristics of the planets
  • How can I understand the energy and result of a planet in a sign?

Lesson 3:

What is the Ascendant? The personality in a nutshell

  • How is the Ascendant or Lagna calculated?
  • What does it mean?

Lesson 4:

Mind and perception – how I create my own reality

  • Understanding the Moon (Manas) in the chart


3 assignments – between the classes (based on the participant’s charts – if they want to)

 Study load:

1,5 hours additionally to the online-lessons


Jyotish foundation training for Ayurveda practitioners in several modules:

 1st module: Basics – 27 lessons of 90 mins each

  • General background of Jyotish – historic and astronomical
  • Planets, signs and houses
  • Planetary strength
  • Interpreting planets in signs and houses
  • Yogas (special combinations for success, health or disease etc)

Price € 595,00


2nd module: Physical and mental health –  ca. 27 lessons of 90 mins each

  • Planets, signs and houses from a medical perspective
  • Judging the physical ayurvedic constitution
  • Combinations for good and bad health
  • Combinations for calculating longevity
  • Factors for good or weak mental health
  • Understanding the influence of Rahu and Ketu (nodes) on the person
  • Nakshatras (lunar constellations) and their relevance for mind and body

Price € 595,00


3rd module: Predictive astrology – ca 34 lessons of 90 mins each

  • Timing of events by using the Vimsottari Dasa system, Transits and Vargas (divisional charts)

Price € 745,00

After the 2nd module students will be able to use Jyotish as a complementary tool in their ayurvedic practice. They will be able to understand the personality, the talents, the life plan and the mental and physical strengths and weaknesses of a person. If they then also want to understand the unfolding of all factors in time, they can sign up for the 3rd module. After every module you can decide, if you want to sign up for next one!!


Each module includes one weekend in the Netherlands, where we all meet and study in a “normal” classroom environment. Also, there will be the possibility of 6 written assignments per module, which will be marked by us. On top of the contact hours, you might calculate another 10 hours of time for studies.