Programme Jyotish Conference 2021

Friday, 24th of September:

18.ooh: Start of the Conference

18.15 – 19.45 h: Anne C. Schneider: The Meaning of prenatal Eclipses in a chart

Since the early days of astronomy, solar eclipses have been regarded as omens of significant events for peoples and nations, and already the Babylonians recognized the laws of their sequence around 800 BC. Eclipses are also a good instrument for predicting the fates of individual people and triggering biographical turning points. In particular, the last eclipse before birth and the return to corresponding zodiac degrees is an important factor in the interpretation of the horoscope. The lecture will illustrate this with some example horoscopes.

Saturday, 25th of September:

9.30 – 11 h: Prof Jaya Sekhar: The Kaala Sarpa Yoga Dosha – Part I

The discussions regarding Kaala Sarpa Yoga Dosha seem to be endless and the controversies insurmountable. In order to clarify the matter and give a good handle on the interpretation for an individual, we will have two session on this important topic:

  • What is Kaala Sarpa Yoga Dosha (KSYD)?
  • How to decide whether KS is a chart.
  • What are all the varieties?
  • Critical evaluation of the levels of the affliction of Kaala Sarpa – from the least affliction to the strongest affliction

11.30 bis 13 h: Gudrun Lewis: The ever-fascinating fixed stars and their relevance for chart interpretation

The fixed stars were regarded by the ancient astrologers as marker points in the zodiac, whose activation either indicated mundane events or represented triggers in the personal horoscope. In traditional Indian astrology, their significations flowed into the descriptions of the Nakshatras. In this lecture, the traditional knowledge of different cultures will be linked to the Nakshatras and how important fixed stars can be for concrete forecasts in the 21st century.

14.30 bis 16 h: Komilla Sutton: Saturn – the karma we cannot avoid

The main role of Saturn is to make us account for our karma while we are living this life. All of us have been born with Karma that we need to deal with. This karma is indicated and revealed through our birth chart. Saturn is showing the karma we should payback – so that we move towards the future, lighter, more contented. We can understand the karma we cannot avoid through Saturn’s placement in our birth chart, its aspects, dashas and transits. How to know the karma and its timing plus learning how to deal with it is the focus of this lecture.




Sunday, 26th of September:

9.00 bis 10.30 h: Gayatri Devi Vasudev: FATE AND FREEWILL  AND NEWTON’S LAWS OF MOTION

The question of fate and free will is central to the study of astrology. All creation is in a State of  Perennial Evolution.  If only Fate decides about our lives, astrology can be of no help. If, however, Free-will works, astrology is of great significance. There is no Effect without a Cause according to Science. What then is the cause of birth? The cause of birth must therefore precede birth.  The Law of Karma is akin to Newton’s Laws of Motion but extends to the Time Factor. We will also include the theory of Rebirth, the importance of Moon-sign, the  Moon as Arbiter of Effort and other factors in our discussion. Illustrative Examples

11.00 bis 12.30 h: Gayatri Devi Vasudev: Continuation of “Fate and Freewill” and Tips on Mundane astrology

Mrs Gayatri Devi Vasudev will honour Dr Raman’s Contribution to Astrology and also introduce some elements of Mundane Astrology, which are helpful to understanding the present world situation

  • Revival and Demystification of Astrology  in India
  • Presented the Ancient Science as an Academic Discipline Shorn of all Religious and Mystic Elements
  • Definition of Lunar  New Year, eclipses, Pakshas or Fortnight
  • World War I Predicted Months in Advance
  • Importance of Transits of Major Planets Mars, Saturn and Rahu.
  • Corona Virus and Sunspots
  • Germany’s Dasa Chidram.

14.30 bis 16h: Prof Jaya Sekhar: The Kaala Sarpa Yoga Dosha – Part II

  • Study of two or three examples.
  • What is the Pariharam for Kaala Sarpa?

End of the Conference


Please note: The lectures by our Indian Guest speakers will be translated into German. Anne`s and Gudrun`s are in German. If you don´t understand German, but still want to join, you can either book at a reduced rate (120 online participation) or you can take advantage of this option: After the Conference is over, I will schedule 2 lectures where I will translate the lectures into English for you. This way, you can also follow these lectures.